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What Our Client Say

First day for our 3 year old (Alice) went so well!! She woke up the next morning asking if she could go back to her dance class. The 3 teachers were so patient and sweet. You can tell that they love what they do. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding on a day that was a bit stressful for students and parents (and grandparents). Our family is so impressed with NancyDance and we think we made the right choice. Appreciate you guys!

Dance Studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Marjorie Pound

Both of my girls have been dancing at Nancy Dance since they were three years old. They are now 14 and 11 and they love it now just as much as they did when they started. This studio has become a second home for them. The staff and teachers truly care about their students and their well being. Dancing at Nancy Dance has given my girls many gifts over the years including confidence and amazing friendships too!

Dance Studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Tricia Boleky

NancyDance is a beach mainstay, unmatched and irreplaceable. Like so many others, I took dance there as a child and so there was no decision to be made when our daughter showed an interest in dance. NancyDance has maintained an excellent reputation for positive dance instruction and character building for over thirty years. The dance instructors treat the students with love and compassion; we feel we have truly gained an extended family to help raise our daughter. NDS is a family-run business, though the instructors that are not related have been there for years and years. I have seen firsthand that the teachers remain involved with students for years after they graduate, showing genuine love and care. I have also seen so many dancers gain confidence and maturity from their growth in dance. They are always seeking ways to innovate and stay on the leading edge of dance, providing opportunities for both dancers who just want a fun and healthy habit as well as those who are looking to dance on a professional level as a career. Our beach is so blessed to have NancyDance; we truly love our NancyDance family!

Dance Studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Nicole Bridier

Nancy Dance Studio is my daughters second home well really her second family. We were lucky to discover Nancy Dance Studios when my daughter was just in preschool and now in high school it is still her favorite place to go. The studio has given her priceless friendships, a passion for hard work, and a strong sense of self.  With the skill and guidance that she has received from her amazing teachers; she has flourished into a beautiful dancer.  Nancy Dance Studio is the perfect place to fulfill your dancer’s dreams. 

Dance Studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Theresa Badger