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NancyDance Studio encourages ongoing classes for consistency in training and personal relationships, both with fellow students and teachers. With fees payable each month, becoming a student means you’ll have access to our regular newsletters and studio events.

New students are invited to get started with a free trial class, view our class programs below and contact our customer service team, at 904-241-8349 to discuss any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you click on the Join Us button, you will be redirected to an application form where you can apply for one of our Dance programs. Once submitted Miss Patty, our Office Manager, will be in touch to finalize your membership, which can be paid via credit card,or bank card. Membership will automatically renew each month. We request two weeks’ notice for cancellations.

Classes run from August – June of each year. They typically begin the 2nd week of August. Recital is our culminating event for the season. It is typically the first to second week in June.

If your child is 18 months-3 years old, we recommend that he/she take only one class per week. The Dance With Me and KreativeKids in Motion will provide your child with everything he/she needs at this age.

If your child is 4 -6 (Pre-K or VPK) or (Kindergarten), we recommend one –two classes per week. All our classes for this age, KinderKids, JazzHop and Flip Flop, are combo classes and will provide your child with everything he/she needs at this age.

If your child is 6/7 and older, he/she may take as many classes as he/she wants. Being well versed in several styles is always a good idea. Each genre of dance is a separate class. We highly recommend that all dancers take ballet, as it is the foundation for all dance, and will allow your child to be successful in whatever styles he/she desires later on. We are happy to make recommendations. Please contact us.

The recital is usually held anywhere from the first week to the second week in June.

The recital is held in Downtown Jacksonville at the beautiful Times Union Performing Arts Center.

For your trial class, we recommend your child wears comfortable clothing – leggings and a tshirt – something easy to move and stretch in. We have a swap box of shoes that your child can borrow for their trial class. Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your trial class so that we have time to find shoes.

Please click here for class the appropriate shoes and attire for each class. Once registered, these are the shoes and clothing that your child will need.

We take registrations all year long. We may limit or cut off registration as we get closer to the recital. Participation in the recital is dependent upon costume availability. It is best to start in August as the students are learning technique and building skills throughout the entire year.

Unfortunately term fees are non-refundable in the case of injury. We welcome injured students to watch class so they can continue to learn.

We have viewing windows in all of our classrooms. This is a great way to see your child without disrupting the class.

Our teachers are all wonderful, caring individuals. If they feel like your child needs you they will come and get you. Please allow our teachers to build a relationship with your child, comfort them when she misses you, and help her to gain independence. It takes some students 4-6 weeks to really get used to the class.

Should the teachers have any concerns about your child, they will share them with you. It is very normal for little ones to do nothing at times, to cry when you leave, to sit and watch, or to have difficulty staying on their spot. Our teachers are trained in toddler behavior and know exactly how to handle all of these situations. Please communicate with the teacher if you have any questions or concerns about what your child is doing in class. 99.9% of the time it is normal behavior.

Give your child 4-6 weeks to get used to coming to class. If he/she is coming home and practicing what is learned in class, that is a great sign!

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you first start a class. Give your son or daughter time to adjust. Talk to the teacher and share your concerns. Most of the time the feelings are normal and will level out once your child gets comfortable. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. If we all feel like your child is not enjoying the class, has not gained confidence and improved in his/her skills within 90 days, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We do not offer drop-in classes for school-aged students.

We have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Simply give us in writing two weeks prior to the end of the month.

There is a $150.00 per student per school year membership/registration fee. This includes processing, recital and scheduling fees, access to parent portal, newsletters, recital programs, limited recital tickets and family events. This fee is non-refundable after November 1stIf you drop out prior to November 1st, you will receive a $100.00 refund. Students who drop out temporarily will be required to renew registration at a cost of $30.00. 

Features and Benefits

Small Class Sizes

To ensure your child receives individualized instruction, we purposefully place multiple teachers or assistant teachers in every class that has 8 or more students.

Personal Relationships

Positive relationships are our first priority. Everyone who enters the studio is greeted with a smile. We take time to get to know the names of each student and their families. Our door is always open and we love it when you stop in to chat.

Professional Educators

All instructors hold degrees in education and/or professional dance experience.

We only hire people who we would trust with our own children.

Family Friendly Environment

NancyDance is a family owned business and is happy to stay that way.
We care about our team, our students and their families.

Team/Company Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to train at a professional-style level and perform on stage alongside their fellow company members from the age of 7.

Appropriate and Modest

Music is always appropriate for families and kids, costumes are tasteful and modest and choreography is developmentally appropriate.  We believe kids should be kids for as long as possible and we do what is right, not what is popular.

Growth Mindset

We help each child grow and develop as a performer at his/her own pace. Our choreography is created to highlight each student’s strengths while also building their technical skills. We strive to make learning fun, yet challenging.

We Build Confidence

NancyDance Studio works to help each child gain self confidence. There are so many negative messages coming at our kids daily. We believe kids need a safe place to grow, learn, and create. Our kids leave us with the confidence to take on the world!


We believe every child should have the opportunity to share their love of dance. We offer all students, not just company members, the opportunity to dance in the Christmas shows, and participate in studio social events and Master Class workshops.

Join Our Dance Family

To apply for one of our Dance Programs, please complete the form below or contact Miss Patty, our Office Manager, on 904-241-8349 to get started.