Fine Arts Club

Perfect for preschoolers, this program introduces little ones to the worlds of dance, yoga, fitness, music, art and drama.

The energetic curriculum allows children to develop social skills and start growing their artistic talents.

We make every class fun to develop active and creative kids.

What They Learn

Fine Arts Club in Jacksonville Beach


Introduce your students to the world of dance. Children learn the basics of jazz, ballet, hip hop and creative movement in a fun and encouraging environment.

Fine Arts Club in Jacksonville Beach


Children enjoy the many benefits that yoga has to offer. The introduction of basic poses, stretching and learning tools will create a foundation for calmness and focus.

Fine Arts Club in Jacksonville Beach


Obstacle courses, gymnastic skills, and active games are incorporated to keep children moving and grooving. A focus on fitness will improve children’s coordination, body awareness and muscle memory.

Fine Arts Club in Jacksonville Beach


Children will enjoy nursery rhymes and classic children’s songs while playing with drums and bells. Music and singing will help facilitate smooth transitions between activities and set the mood for a fun and positive class.

Fine Arts Club in Jacksonville Beach


Painting, coloring, cutting, gluing and assembling…the possibilities are endless with arts and crafts! Students will experience hands-on creativity and make crafts aligned with the theme of the day.

Fine Arts Club in Jacksonville Beach


Students learn through their imaginations and experience shadow play, expressing emotions, puppet theater and dress up days. Creativity is encouraged through drama games and activities.

Fine Arts Club in Jacksonville Beach

Why Fine Arts Club?

The goal of the Fine Arts Club is to enhance each child’s overall development by advancing their motor skills and improving social, cognitive and emotional awareness through play-based learning.

This is a wonderful daytime activity and proves that children are almost never too young to appreciate what the arts community has to offer.

Our Proud Partners

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Toddlers and preschoolers are welcomed into the world of dance with lessons at NancyDance.

Our teachers are caring and lots of fun! It’s our goal to ensure your child feels comfortable while taking their first steps as dancers.

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